LENA Start is a program for parents that uses regular feedback from LENA technology to help increase interactive talk in order to close the early-talk gap, support kindergarten readiness, and build stronger families.

To your baby’s brain, the most important time in life is before the third birthday. Those first 36 months, while baby’s brain is growing the most, are a once-in-a-lifetime chance to do something wonderful with your child! Research shows that talking more with babies is one of the most critical elements in their early brain development. It works right from birth – even before the baby understands a single word! Most parents don’t know how much they’re talking with their babies. And almost all parents can do it more!

Each week, you’ll use LENA technology to accurately measure the amount of talk in your child’s environment. LENA technology records speech at home for a day after each class. You get reports on how much you’re talking, when you could talk more, and how much you’re growing with your baby! LENA technology only tracks words, conversations, and other data, not meanings of words. No one can listen to what was said. Sound recordings are deleted after processing.

Together with your class, you’ll explore practical strategies to start more conversations with children. LENA’s engaging curriculum will teach you brain-building talk skills through instructional videos, peer-group sharing, printed resources, and self-reflection.

With LENA Start, you get:

  • Use of LENA technology during the program

  • Clear, entertaining lessons featuring videos and hands-on activities

  • Take-home parent materials

  • Easy-to-use Talking Tips to build conversations with your child every day

  • Sharing with other parents of young children

  • Free “Shared Reading” books to take home

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