We help caregivers learn how to increase interactive talk with children.


Interactive talk is one of the most important factors in children’s early brain development. The amount of conversation that children experience has been linked to the structure and function of their brain, as well as their IQ, vocabulary, and language skills in adolescence.



We are a public-private partnership of organizations working together to offer LENA Start classes in Marathon County. These classes teach families how to use conversation to build babies’ brains.


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To your baby’s brain, the most important time in life is before the third birthday. Those first 36 months, while baby’s brain is growing the most, are a once-in-a-lifetime chance to do something wonderful with your child!


Lena technology

LENA technology is the industry standard for measuring talk with children birth to three, a critical factor in early brain development. LENA technology is used worldwide to measure early language environments for research, intervention, and clinical use.